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ASH BUS 605 Week 4 Marketing Challenges recent

ASH BUS 605 Week 4 Marketing Challenges recent

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BUS 605 Week 4 Marketing Challenges recent

Marketing Challenges. In business plans, many marketing sections should be entitled “Field of Dreams” because many entrepreneurs assume that if “I build the product, they will buy it.” In a three- to four-page paper (not including the title and reference pages), develop a marketing section about your business opportunity, and specifically address the following in detail (with examples):

1. Describe the type of market research you will need and the resources you will utilize to obtain the information.

2. Predict if your market is big enough to provide growth. Explain the indicators that support your prediction.

3. Evaluate the market power potential of your business venture.

4. Evaluate the collective power of your competitors. Compare and contrast their collective market power

versus your potential market power the business venture.