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MGT 312 Week 5 Learning Team Leveraging Organizational Behavior and Management to Maximize Business Success Presentation

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Choose one of the organizations you or a Learning Team member is familiar with.

Imagine that your team is a group of experts in the principles of business organization and management. You have been invited to present at a conference held for some of the top executives at Fortune 500 companies. Your assigned topic is Leveraging Organizational Behavior and Management to Maximize Business Success.

Create a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you address the following:

•    Introduction to leadership 

o    Explain the contemporary theories and styles of leadership. Describe the leadership style demonstrated within your chosen organization.

o    Explain the differences between management and leadership, and explain how cultivating leadership skills in managers can benefit the organization. 
•    Organizational culture 

o    Describe how managers, when applying leadership principles, can contribute to a healthy organizational culture.

o    Cite specific examples from your selected organization. 

•    Organizational power 

o    Describe the influence of power and politics within your selected organization.

o    Describe the types of power in your organization

o    Explain who in the chosen department holds the real power and why.

•    Conflict management 

o    Describe an example of conflict that occurred within the selected organization.

o    Explain the strategies that were used to manage that conflict situation, including their level of effectiveness.

o    Determine other strategies that you would recommend to manage that conflict example.

Support your presentation with the concepts discussed in class and in the text, and your personal experiences.

Include the speaker notes to explain the key points in your presentation.

Include citations.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment by Monday.

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MGT 312 Week 4 Learning Team Effective Strategies Paper

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Write a 1,450- to 1,700-word paper that answers the following requirement.

Use an industry leader that has been instrumental in turning around a large company. Describe their team-building techniques and strategies used to transform their company. Use one of the following industry leaders:

•    Jack Welch and his transformation of General Electric

•    Alan Mulally and his transformation of the Ford Motor Company

Research what condition the company was in when they took over and where it is today. Investigate and discuss the strategy that was used to establish the teams and how the strategy was executed. What other strategies could have worked in a similar situation? Provide rationale.

Include citations.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment. 

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MGT 312 Week 4 Knowledge Check

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1. Which theory of leadership focuses on the fact that leaders must determine the outcomes that motivate their followers and then help their followers to receive these outcomes once they have accomplished their tasks?

2. What is a disadvantage of subordinates’ participation in the decision-making process in an organization?

3. Given below are some situations involving leader-subordinate relationships. Which of these illustrates a benefit of the leader-member exchange theory?

4. What is the power of a person to give increases in salaries, upgrades in job roles, formal compliments, exciting ventures, and other rewards to his or her subordinates known as?

5. Which is a disadvantage of charismatic power?

6. Aurasium Inc., a large pharmaceutical giant, has been severely affected by market recession. After thorough evaluation, the company’s top management has decided to downsize all its departments except research and development (R&D) because R&D is the most vital function of the organization. All R&D employees have been retained and the R&D unit continues to receive a major portion of the organization’s annual budget to fund its operations. Which source of power has most likely given the company’s R&D unit an advantage over the other units?

7. Identify a true statement about the sources of organizational conflict.

8.Which stage of Pondy’s model of conflict is characterized by unpleasantness, lack of cooperation, and negative perceptions among the people involved?

9. Cocoroma Corp. is an international coffee producer. Recently, workers at its coffee plantations demanded a raise in wages and asked the management to provide them with more affordable accommodation. These demands was outrightly denied by the management of Cocoroma; this resulted in the plantation workers going on strike. Which of the following statements about this scenario is most accurate in the context of Pondy’s model of conflict?

10. Which of the following techniques can be used by a manager to foster compromise among the parties involved in a conflict?

11. Identify the type of conflict negotiation in which the groups involved choose to evade the steps necessary to resolve the conflict.

12. UB and TUC are two high-school basketball teams with a history of rivalry. In their most recent game, the referee granted a penalty shot to the UB team, which was furiously opposed by the TUC team. A time-out was called and the referee tried to get the teams to compromise. However, this negotiation led only to further insults and violence between players because neither team was willing to give in. Which type of conflict handling is best illustrated in the scenario?

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MGT 312 Week 3 Knowledge Check

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1. What is the term used to describe performance hitches that arise most exclusively from lack of synchronization and enthusiasm among members of a group? 

2. Identify an accurate statement about sequential task interdependence. 

3. Tara, a college freshman, is a talented singer and cheerleader. After various trials, she is offered a place in both the college choir and the cheerleading squad. However, she cannot be a part of both these groups because their practice schedules overlap. Both groups have the same number of members and are equally successful in the college community. However, the selection process for the choir is much more rigorous and it is considered more of an honor to belong to the choir. Therefore, Tara chooses to stay with the choir. In this case, which determinant of group cohesiveness has Tara most likely considered while making her decision?

4. Identify the most accurate description of social loafing.

5. What is an effective technique to curb social loafing in work groups?

6. Aiden, a software engineer, is a competent, hard-working, and disciplined employee. He is part of a seven-member team working on a high-budget project. The other members of Aiden’s group are not as dependable as Aiden and often avoided the tasks assigned to them. Consequently, Aiden has to work twice as hard to make up for the incompetence of his group members. Eventually, Aiden starts to worry that others are taking advantage of his efficiency. Deciding to put an end to this, he started to cut back on his efforts. This brought down the productivity of the whole group and Aiden’s individual performance. What concept is illustrated in this scenario?

7. Identify the type of faulty decision making in which members focus entirely on arriving at a common agreement and overlook crucial information or potential risks in the process of doing so.

8. Identify a disadvantage of group decision making.

9. An international pharmaceutical corporation wants to decide on the composition of a particular drug. The decision requires the opinions of experts, so a questionnaire is created and sent to the R&D experts in all of the company’s different facilities. In two weeks’ time, the questionnaires are filled and returned to the headquarters. Analysts evaluate the data from the questionnaires and arrived at a prospective composition for the drug. This is sent to the different R&D teams again for confirmation and suggestions. The process is repeated until an agreed-upon decision is made. Which group decision-making technique is illustrated in this scenario?

10. Identify the stage of Tuckman’s five-stage model that immediately precedes the dissolving of the group after the members have achieved their goals.

11. What is true about the norming stage of Tuckman’s five-stage model?

12. Ajima is part of a five-member group at her company. The group is responsible for making presentations and creating reports. To get the group started, Ajima tries to get to know everybody on her team. Without any discussion of leadership, she starts allocating tasks to the members of her group; this is met by resistance and conflict. Eventually however, the group begins to understand Ajima’s leadership style and starts forming ties with each other and with Ajima. At the end of this stage, they start agreeing on common rules for behavior. In what stage of Tuckman’s model is Ajima’s group presently?

13. In which type of role orientation does a recent employee exclusively follow predeterminedb instructions, norms, rules, and guidelines of existing group members at an organization?

14. Identify an accurate difference between fixed and variable tactics.

15. Sasha and Eric had applied to different sororities in their college. On being accepted,Sasha found that her sorority members were very friendly and welcoming. They seemed to enjoy having her with them and explained the norms of their group. Sasha was very comfortable and felt included in everything. Eric, on the contrary, had a rough experience.His fraternity members were rude and did not bother to explain the norms or include him in any activities of the fraternity. He was constantly insulted and often, had to run errands for the senior members. Identify an accurate statement among the following in the context of socialization tactics.

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MGT 312 Week 3 Assignment Sodexo and Principle Financial Group Case Study

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Complete the Closing Case “Sodexo and Principle Financial Group Recognized for the Effective Management of Diversity” in Ch. 4 of Understanding and Managing Organizational Behavior.

Discuss and Answer as a team, the questions at the end of the case in 100 words for each question.  75% of the grade will be based on team DISCUSSION.
You can establish threads in your team area to facilitate discussion. The discussions should lead to a consolidated response of at least 100 words for each question.

APA guidelines not required.

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MGT 312 Week 3 Assignment Motivating Employees Case Study

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Complete the Closing Case “Motivating Employees at the SAS Institute” in Ch. 6 of Understanding and Managing Organizational Behavior.

Answer the questions at the end of the case in 1,400 to 1,750 words.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment. 


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MGT 312 Week 2 Knowledge Check – 100% Correct

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1. Emily is an ambitious worker whose performance has suffered since she joined her recent company. Emily feels that even though she enjoys the work, feels safe, and enjoys the office’s facilities, such as the cafeteria and the pool table, she has not been able to reach out to the others in the office. She has no friends and feels isolated. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which of Emily’s needs is most likely not being satisfied at her recent job?

2. According to the expectancy theory of motivation, identify an accurate statement about instrumentality.

3. Sameer perceives underpayment equity when he compares his outcome-input ratio to Lamar’s. Sameer believes that he is putting in more effort and should therefore receive a larger hike in salary. To avoid this lack of equity, Sameer decides that he need not compare his outcome-input ratio to Lamar’s; instead he should compare it to Adrian’s. According to the equity theory of motivation, how is Sameer restoring equity?

4. Mia and Tanya are artists at Black and White Inc, an art gallery. Both Mia and Tanya are equally skilled and receive feedback from customers for their work. Mia creates her art pieces right from designing them to displaying the final product. Tanya is an in-house specialist, and provides finishing touches to pieces created by fresh art-school graduates.

5. Which job design model focuses on both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation?

6. According to the goal-setting theory, which of the following statements is true? 

7. Rhythms Inc. and Beats Inc. are two music institutes set to launch at the same time this year. Rhythms has been providing detailed information in the papers and on the Internet about the courses it offers. Beats has roped in Clara Carter, a famous guitarist, to appear in their ad campaign and perform at charity events across various cities. In the context of perception, which target characteristic is Beats focusing on, in order to be perceived well by potential students?

8. Amit, a sales executive at Embellish Corp., has recently shown a fair amount of improvement in his performance. However, Naomi, Amit’s manager, fails to recognize and encourage this improvement during his appraisal. She believes that Amit’s productivity will always be average, since it has been that way for the past year. In this scenario, Naomi is a victim of which source of bias in perception?

9. Identify an accurate statement about the fundamental attribution error.

10. What is true about mentoring programs implemented to promote diversity in organizations?

11. When is diversity training most likely to be successful?

12. Asang, an employee at Bling Corp., has been expecting a promotion for the excellent work she has done. On the day of the announcement, her manager informs her that there is a problem with her promotion. He claims that he will have to pull strings to have her promotion approved. However, the process would be much simpler if she would return the favor by giving him some “special attention.” What phenomenon is best exemplified in this scenario?

13. The determinants of job satisfaction that an organization or manager cannot change in the short run are:

14. Identify an accurate statement about Herzberg’s motivator-hygiene theory of job satisfaction.

15. Tamara, a fine-arts graduate, is working at her first art agency. After almost six months, she reports that she is highly dissatisfied because the job does not meet her expectations. She expected the job to be flexible and well-paying, with a well-equipped office, and friendly coworkers. She also states that her friends are earning more and are happier with their jobs than she is. In this scenario, which theory or model of job satisfaction best explains Tamara’s job dissatisfaction?

16. According to the determinants of absenteeism, which factor affects the ability of an employee to attend work?

17. According to research, which of the following is an accurate statement about job satisfaction and job performance?

18. Identify an accurate statement about Mobley’s model of the turnover process 

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MGT 312 Week 2 Individual Functions of Management Paper

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Select an organization you or a learning team member is familiar with and write a 350- to 700-word paper covering the following:

•    Describe the four functions of management.

•    Provide an example of each of the four functions from the selected organization.

Include at least two scholarly citations from the library.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment by Monday.


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MGT 312 Week 2 Assignment The Surprising Science of Motivation

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Resources: “The Surprising Science of Motivation” video

Watch the “The Surprising Science of Motivation” video found on the student website.

Discuss, as a team, this video. Discussion is 75% of your grade.

Create a list summarizing what the team considers to be the most important components of effective motivation.

Submit the list to the assignments link and name the file Team x (your team) motivation (i.e. Team A motivation)

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MGT 312 Week 1 Knowledge Check

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1. One of the four managerial functions involves grouping employees into departments and teams according to their skills and capabilities. This grouping is done to ensure that cooperation and communication are optimized for the accomplishment of organizational goals. Identify this managerial function.





2. When managers play the role of coach or mentor, which managerial function are they primarily performing?





3. Daniel is a project manager at Portrait Inc., an advertising agency. His eight-member-team is currently working on a recent campaign, but it fails to meet its deadline. With the various organizational behavior tools at his disposal, Daniel is able to identify that the cause for the team’s failure was its inability to work together. To correct this situation, Daniel divides the team into pairs of workers and assigns each pair a different and more specific task. In this scenario, which managerial function is Daniel primarily performing?





4.What is true about the nature of organizational behavior?

It studies how organizations respond to people and situations.

It is entirely based on intuition and instinct.

It focuses exclusively on the behavior of employees at senior levels of management.

It is examined at two main levels: the organization and the social structure in which the organization exists.

5.Organizational behavior provides guidelines for managing behavior on the basis of:





6. Which of the following questions does organizational behavior best help answer?

Why are people introverted or extroverted?

Why do some people do well on their jobs while others don’t?

Why do some people develop mental health problems while others don’t?

Why do some people have high intellectual ability while others don’t?

7.Identify an accurate statement about the nature of personality.

Personality is not changeable.

Personality does not influence a person’s career choice and job satisfaction.

Personality reflects the regular patterns of a person’s behavior.

Personality is completely determined by nature.

8.A collection of specific components that describes how a person generally feels, thinks,and behaves is known as a(n):





9.Derek is a highly-valued employee at his company. His bosses are delighted with his performance and believe that he is highly reliable. However, Derek’s coworkers think thathe puts too much pressure on himself. He is always stressed and has sleepless nights due to constant worry that his work is not good enough. In addition, he prefers to spend all his time at his desk in office and does not interact with anyone. In this scenario, which trait of the Big Five model of personality is Derek most likely high on?





10. Identify a difference between Type A and Type B individuals.

Type A individuals are relaxed and calm; Type B individuals are impatient and driven.

Type A individuals work best when they are alone;Type B individuals are better team players.

Type A’s are less prone to have coronary heart disease;Type B’s are more likely to have coronary heart disease.

Type A’s are best suited for long-term projects; Type B’s are best suited for short-term projects.

11.Which of the following individuals is likely to be most effective as a leader or manager?

Joanna, who has a high need for power

Teresa, who has a high need for affiliation

Sita, who has a high need for approval

Chang, who has a low need for authority

12. Zoe, a software engineer, receives the Employee of the Quarter award at the end of the first quarter. When her colleagues congratulate her, she states that she was just lucky because her boss was excellent and only gave her tasks that she found easy. In this scenario, what kind of control is Zoe demonstrating?

Upward locus of control

Downward locus of control

Internal locus of control

External locus of control

13.High deductive ability is most likely to be found in:




medical researchers.

14.An example of a physical skill is:

manual dexterity.

static strength.

reaction time.

speed of arm movement.

15.Derive Inc. is a content management company that has a huge demand for writers and editors. The company has just hired 100 recent employees. A special team has been selected to ensure that these employees are matched accurately with the jobs they have the ability to do. In this scenario, for what function is the special team primarily responsible?




Job analysis

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