UOPCOMM 470 Week 4 Communication in Virtual Teams New Syllabus recent

UOPCOMM 470 Week 4 Communication in Virtual Teams New Syllabus recent

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COMM 470 Week 4 Communication in Virtual Teams New Syllabus recent




Imagine that you are a communication consultant assigned the task of helping a company executive make his team-oriented projects more efficient and effective. The current teams are working but have inefficiencies, and they are not as effective as they could be. The teams are usually given one- to two-week deadlines on projects, and each member must contribute equally. Each team member often has other projects he or she needs to complete individually, as well. The team members are largely located in different geographically locations.

The company executive is aware that several competitors have been implementing recent methods of communication within their teams and have been producing high quality output in less time.

The executive has mostly deployed traditional face-to-face communication methods and channels requiring extensive travel and lodging costs, time, a lack of efficiency in project completion due to communication challenges and feedback between team members, and increasing costs due to office space and lodging requirements for employees located in off-site project locations. The executive is eager to improve efficiency and become more competitive but is not “up to date” on modern virtual communication or virtual workplace technologies or standards.

Create a 12- to 18-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with detailed speaker notes, that explains how recent communication systems provide more options for improving communication among virtual teams. In the presentation, make specific recommendations on the solutions to the executive’s problem.

 For Online and Directed Study students, the virtual presentation can be created as a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with audio files connected to each slide, podcast, webcast, teleconference, or any other virtual communication tool.

Explain in your presentation how the recent communication systems recommendations provided will help improve efficiency in his virtual teams in the form of profitability, productivity, project efficiency, etc.

Format and Reference your assignment according to appropriate course level APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

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